sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2008


8th International Contest of Ecological Graphic Humor - EcoCartoons 2008
The «Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru» and the «Grupo de Apoyo al Sector Rural» convoke the Eighth International Contest of Ecological Graphic Humor «ECOCARTOONS 2008». Caricaturists, graphic artists in general, amateurs and professionals are called together, without age limit from all over the world.

• The works must reflect ideas related to the subject of: Global Warming.

• The artistic criteria that will be considered for the evaluation, is based on a representation of humor or aesthetically obtained whose language can be direct or symbolic.

• The technique is totally free.

• Each participant can present an unlimited number of works that must be sent by any of this two ways:Via mail:format A4 (21 X 30 cm)

Send works to:GRUPO PUCP - ECOCARTOONSAv. Universitaria 1801 - San Miguel.LIMA 32 - PERU

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